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On vaginal diseases

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Is it possible to have more than one vaginal infection at the same time?

Yes, a woman can have 2 to 3 infections at the same time. Vaginal infections can co-exist simultaneously because a vagina with a low defence-system can attract all kinds of bad bacteria. Fortunately, this rarely happens. The most common observation among vaginal infections though is that bacterial vaginosis usually accompanies trichomoniasis. These different viruses, bacteria and yeasts thrive in an environment with a very low acidic level.

When my vagina has an unpleasant odour, does it always mean there’s an infection?

No it doesn’t, if the odour smells like dead fish and comes with yellowish or greyish vaginal discharge, then there’s definitely an infection. Go see your doctor immediately.

Is candidiasis or a yeast infection contagious?

No. Candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection is not contagious. Actually every woman has yeast in her vagina, but in very small numbers.

I have friends who say that vinegar and some disinfectants can cure a vaginal infection. Is this true?

So far, there has been no proof that vinegar or other disinfectants like alcohol can help cure vaginal infections. What has been proven though is that practices such as these can actually disrupt the natural levels of the vagina, killing much of the good bacteria that serve as its defence.

Why do diabetics get vaginal yeast a lot?

Yeast cells are present in every woman’s vagina, and they’re not harmful as long as they’re kept at a minimum. Their growth is suppressed by an acidic environment in the vagina. But in women with diabetes, vaginal secretions contain more glucose (or sugar) due to higher amounts of sugar in the blood. Yeast cells flourish with this excess glucose, causing an overgrowth resulting in a yeast infection.

When I’m experiencing a vaginal rash, should I immediately go to my doctor?

Don’t wait until the rash worsens before visiting your doctor. If you experience an itch, soreness or a foul smell, seek medical attention right away.